Brandy Eiger - Mixed Media Artist
Threshold series
Prayer Book series
Artist Statement

My work explores inner states of being and the contradictory feelings that exist within us. We can be one thing on the surface and something altogether different within. We feel private, yet exposed; we feel energized, yet possess an inner stillness; we constantly question, yet feel sure. I’m fascinated by our relationship to the universe and the divine. My works are meditations on our never ending desire to evolve.

The cells in our bodies are constantly regenerating. We always have the ability to become someone different than who we were before. Our changes are not necessarily linear. In my artwork we are traveling through places where hints of the past, present, and future can all be felt right now, in this moment.

I often juxtapose elements and disparate locations that don’t co-exist in the real world, but feel at home in the new worlds I create. I put the completed photomontage onto aluminum, allowing the silvery metal to show through. The aluminum’s shimmering reflective quality becomes an additional dimension, helping to remind us that the universe contains infinite possibilities.